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31 March 2030 @ 11:57 pm

I've created my first livejournal under a different username when I was 15 - 'am 23 now - and a horny teenager, mainly for fandom reasons (Johnnys Entertainment, mainly Arashi). So that, I'll have a place where to scream over superficial things. LJ somehow turned into a blog before I realized that really, I wanted an escape from reality. And fandom is that, and I want my LJ to stay this magical corner detached from reality. Sometimes though, in a locked entry, my life can rain over this LJ when I really need to get it off my chest.

As the picture above states : My fandoms are Kanjani8, Sherlock, Owl City, How I Met Your Mother, Friends and Castle. Out of them Friends has ended a long time ago, I'm very aware of that, but yet, I watch the whole thing at least once a year (and still cry and laugh to lines I know by heart). I am the most used to the Kanjani8 fandom, because it is the only one in which I've actually been active at some point (and other JE fandoms, back when I was a JE fangirl). Oh, by the way, if you are a JE fangirl and stumble on this journal, I don't really care anymore about any other JE group other than K8.

Actually Kanjani8 might be my main fandom, I have long periods of time (sometimes 1 year long) when I don't really care about them and then I decide to watch or listen to them and the fangirl in me goes back. Sadly, when I was in Japan for a few months, it was during the period where I didn't care much about them, and the amount of money I could spend was pretty limited. So, I didn't went to a concert but I still hope I will have the occasion sometimes soon. My favourite members are Yasu and Tacchon, they have always been, so there is very little room for change in that area.
20 August 2014 @ 01:42 am
I was browsing kanjani8 the other day after a very long absence from the fandom and realized that not a lot of people were subbing anymore the weekly shows. So, I decided I could try to do it.
I did softsubs for Janiben with the comic duo Rocchi as guests (date: 140723)-MQ ,
You can find it over at the wonderful dozchan community dozchan666

So, neither english nor japanese are my first language,and it is my very first time translating and subbing a show. So please bear with the inconsistencies and possible mistranslations. Some parts (like the VTRs) are very roughly translated or left for untranslated when I didn't feel it was necessary.

Softsubs Download link

As I said above, not everything is to take for granted in the translation. Also, these are softsubs, if I decide to sub more regularly, I might upload hardsub for future shows.
The rules are the same as for everybody

x Do not stream
x Do not share outside of LJ
x If you share (inside of LJ), please credit
etc, etc.
02 September 2012 @ 10:56 pm
For a journal where fandom is supposed to be predominant, I spend way too much time whining over my crush (although he gives me easy material to whine over).

Well, I speak a lot about my jpop/kpop/TV series fandoms, but I feel like ever since this LJ was created, I almost never spoke about my favourite band : No Doubt. Well, they were on hiatus and decided that their 2009 reunion tour would be in US only .

They released a music video for the first extract of their new album (due September, 25th). The song is called Settle Down. I wanted to wait for the whole album before to listen to anything. But I finally decided to click "play" on their Youtube Vevo channel.

I actually was a bit disappointed the first time I listened to it, like "You are leaving us fan for like 11 years without any release except for It's My Life and you come back with this, guuyzzzz..". And I listened to it a few times again, and now I am totally hooked, I cannot stop listening to it. I actually became a fan during their hiatus, around the time I entered high school, where I finally could have a mind for myself and didn't have to like what others listened to to be accepted anymore (I spent most of my middle school year listening to almost rap and R&B only because that was "in" where I was, not that I dislike rap and R&B, I just feel that I missed on too much by restricting myself to one type of music only), so I had the time to listen to their album and see their evolution. Their new single, despite fans criticizing it sooo much because, basically they want another Don't SpeakTragic Kingdom, has certain caracteristics from Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt started out as that band mixing a lot of genre (rock/ska/raggae) but staying pop-ish, and the new single, (I may even say, the new album, considering Push and Shove has alson been premiered) seems to go that way again when their last album Rock Steady had been way more pop-ish and dropped a bit the mix of sounds that made the band unique.

Well, all tat to say that this time around I really, really, really hope I'd be able to see them in concert. I still remember discovering them and being like "Gosh, this is the perfect band for me" even though at that time I didn't really understood English that well and that I was not a big fan of Gwen Stefani who had her solo career at that time (I liked it, but if she was to have a concert in Paris, unless a friend wanted to go, I most likely wouldn't have gone, it's different for No Doubt, I would probably go, even alone)

And the obligatory (because I spent my whole early evening (re)watching all the No Doubt music videos)
I wish there was an epic song like this on their new album, the break-up with Tony inspired her the best lyrics back in the days.
So, Monday I could finally enjoy the finale of Sherlock series 2. I had prepared everything : some alcohol, a nice dinner that I didn't cook, ect. And it totally lived up to my expectations. It was great.The fact that Moriarty was there during a very long time span was helping, I absolutely adore Moriarty, he is a hilarious villian and he has awesome quotes. I actually wonder if he faked his suicide or not he will be there for series 3 as the writers took some liberties compared with canon and made the story revolve a bit around him. But, hey, I didn't cry!!!!!! Almost, but didn't.
However, the writers (and actors) still claim that "blablah Sherlock and John aren't gay". Well, Molly in this last episode had that quote "You look sad when you think he can't see you", or something along these lines.   I think they do love each other romantically (yes, in the BBC!verse, I've no idea about the movie!verse, I haven't seen it), but not sexually, because Sherlock isn't a "sexual" being. I don't see them being together anytime soon, but I don't see them being with anyone else either -because in the end, it seems like they only need each other -. Also, the subtext is so heavy, it's hard not shipping them...

Which brings me to my next point, I think John is supposed to be married in series 3 according to canon. I can't see John married at all, I can only see him having failed date over failed date.

Also, I want more Lestrade for series 3. Lestrade is awesome. And Sally, I kind of like her.

tl;dr : I already want series 3.
15 January 2012 @ 06:11 pm
This journal used to be for me to rant about my multiples fandom, I think it'll go back to it in the future, except for a few (locked) entries.

Tonight is the end of the second series of Sherlock, I've never liked a series that much (except for Friends, which is foverer my favourite as I kind of grew with it and still cry like a baby at the ending). I will probably watch it tomorrow evening. I know that Sherlock is supposed to fake his death, but gosh, the series creators are trolling us fans on twitter with things like "hey, get your tissues ready" and if John is sad, I'll be crying. 

Tomorrow evening, you might expect a angsty rant.

PS : I'm having a slight crush on Martin Freeman.