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01 January 2012 @ 08:59 pm
Everybody, Happy New Year
I am at my parents so I didn't really do anything for New Year's Eve. I am actually happy that 2011 finally came to an end, for me it hasn't been so much of a good year. 2010 had been awesome, 2011 was somehow the downturn of it...
I have only one resolution for 2012 : live without regrets.

Anyway, leaving you with this beautiful song

This translation is a very rough translation, not everything is to take for granted as I was struggling a lot with the article. (and distracting half naked Tacchon's pictures kept poppinp up on my screen)

178cm that suddenly lie down. While we lost face to the model's face, nicely divided abs are hidden under these clothes. In this magazine, we bring you for the first Ohkura-san's full of sex-appeal and robust body.

"Me, I'm really startled by that. Even now, I don't believe it, I think this is a hidden camera, even during make-up, I was searching for it (laughs).

There is a reason for me taking this job. "To undress for AnAn was a big goal. Even now, I don't realize it. During MC, the group members ask me "What do you think about making AnAn cover". It has a certain image for Johnnys. The feelig of "until where can I go" was strong.

About a month before the shoothing, Ohkura-san has started physical training and a strict diet. Each time he had some free time during his busy schedule, he went to twist his body.

"Usually I only go to the gym from time to time, I didn't think training was hard. Also, for food, even if I like healthy things, I didn't have the experience of being on diet. For example, yesterday, there were sweets on the table and I was al~ways looking at them. (laugh) I was happy fighting against this urge.

We'd like to hug a man like Ohkura at least once. There are probably a lot of women with this wish. In these moments, are there invitation from the women?

"I think there are absolutely none. Rather than that, an active person would say "I think it would be fun if we dated". But I am not able to express this kind of thought. It is the kind of invitation a woman wants a man to be able to do, like "Sould we go home.". At least at this moment I want to stop. If it is a japanese girl, she would get shy and the boy would get enthusiastic."

[...] (a sentence from the magazine I realized later that I skipped it)

"To express one's affection, if hugging isn't enough, then there's kissing, if expressing one's affection through kissing isn't enough, then there is sex. That is why it is not worrisome if we come to not have sex in a relationship. The fact that I haven't had any sexual encounter recently has nothing to do with it, but recently I heard from my friends couple stories that didn't have sex, it seems that it becomes a source of preoccupation when relationships last."

When sex has been satisfying what are the most important things to keep a good relationship?

"Things like being beautiful everyday, being stylish everyday, I think it is a mutual effort. Even if we can't see each other everyday, we must do efforts to have a nice relationship. (something that I reaaaally can't understand, the way I translate it doesn't make any sense with the rest). If it becomes like that, it is not only the sex I can't continue, but the relationship. That's why I always make efforts to reach my partner's ideal and they also must do the best as they can. I think we can express afection only by doing that."
29 August 2011 @ 02:19 am
I did it, my first article translation!!!!!!!!! I decided to start by translating a magazine that I actually owned. However, there are probably mistranslation, especially for the 2nd question that I didn't quite get. So, it is a quiz for Kanjani8's guys. A lot of the questions are based on previous duet publications. Also, in the magazine, the question were obviously asked to each member separatedly, I decided to change the presentation (because it's easier for me).Read more...Collapse )
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