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02 September 2012 @ 10:56 pm
They are back!!  
For a journal where fandom is supposed to be predominant, I spend way too much time whining over my crush (although he gives me easy material to whine over).

Well, I speak a lot about my jpop/kpop/TV series fandoms, but I feel like ever since this LJ was created, I almost never spoke about my favourite band : No Doubt. Well, they were on hiatus and decided that their 2009 reunion tour would be in US only .

They released a music video for the first extract of their new album (due September, 25th). The song is called Settle Down. I wanted to wait for the whole album before to listen to anything. But I finally decided to click "play" on their Youtube Vevo channel.

I actually was a bit disappointed the first time I listened to it, like "You are leaving us fan for like 11 years without any release except for It's My Life and you come back with this, guuyzzzz..". And I listened to it a few times again, and now I am totally hooked, I cannot stop listening to it. I actually became a fan during their hiatus, around the time I entered high school, where I finally could have a mind for myself and didn't have to like what others listened to to be accepted anymore (I spent most of my middle school year listening to almost rap and R&B only because that was "in" where I was, not that I dislike rap and R&B, I just feel that I missed on too much by restricting myself to one type of music only), so I had the time to listen to their album and see their evolution. Their new single, despite fans criticizing it sooo much because, basically they want another Don't SpeakTragic Kingdom, has certain caracteristics from Tragic Kingdom. No Doubt started out as that band mixing a lot of genre (rock/ska/raggae) but staying pop-ish, and the new single, (I may even say, the new album, considering Push and Shove has alson been premiered) seems to go that way again when their last album Rock Steady had been way more pop-ish and dropped a bit the mix of sounds that made the band unique.

Well, all tat to say that this time around I really, really, really hope I'd be able to see them in concert. I still remember discovering them and being like "Gosh, this is the perfect band for me" even though at that time I didn't really understood English that well and that I was not a big fan of Gwen Stefani who had her solo career at that time (I liked it, but if she was to have a concert in Paris, unless a friend wanted to go, I most likely wouldn't have gone, it's different for No Doubt, I would probably go, even alone)

And the obligatory (because I spent my whole early evening (re)watching all the No Doubt music videos)
I wish there was an epic song like this on their new album, the break-up with Tony inspired her the best lyrics back in the days.