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19 January 2012 @ 10:16 pm
now, we're gonna wait another year for the big return  
So, Monday I could finally enjoy the finale of Sherlock series 2. I had prepared everything : some alcohol, a nice dinner that I didn't cook, ect. And it totally lived up to my expectations. It was great.The fact that Moriarty was there during a very long time span was helping, I absolutely adore Moriarty, he is a hilarious villian and he has awesome quotes. I actually wonder if he faked his suicide or not he will be there for series 3 as the writers took some liberties compared with canon and made the story revolve a bit around him. But, hey, I didn't cry!!!!!! Almost, but didn't.
However, the writers (and actors) still claim that "blablah Sherlock and John aren't gay". Well, Molly in this last episode had that quote "You look sad when you think he can't see you", or something along these lines.   I think they do love each other romantically (yes, in the BBC!verse, I've no idea about the movie!verse, I haven't seen it), but not sexually, because Sherlock isn't a "sexual" being. I don't see them being together anytime soon, but I don't see them being with anyone else either -because in the end, it seems like they only need each other -. Also, the subtext is so heavy, it's hard not shipping them...

Which brings me to my next point, I think John is supposed to be married in series 3 according to canon. I can't see John married at all, I can only see him having failed date over failed date.

Also, I want more Lestrade for series 3. Lestrade is awesome. And Sally, I kind of like her.

tl;dr : I already want series 3.